The 3 Best ways to become a smart online shopper


More than in-store shopping. In in-store shopping you can ask the store assistants or friends for advice. Same thing is possible with online shopping as well. You can read several reviews before buying stuffs online. Here are some tips that will help you to become a smart online shopper.

#1 Analyze the Reviews

You will find plenty of product reviews on the Web. These are extremely helpful. These reviews are often made by people who have actually used the product. You can look at reviews on multiple sites to make a decision regarding buying the product. Sites like Amazon has a ‘verified purchase’ indicator which tells that the reviews are legitimate. Anything that is too positive and too negative is likely to be fake. You can also read through consumer feedback regarding a product. Websites like Kitchenato that have touchless kitchen faucet reviews for example are great sources!

#2 Stop spending to save

Retail store uses many tricks to make you spend more, for example, music, lighting, etc. Online shopping uses the ‘free shipping’ option to encourage you to buy more. Most of the time there is a minimum amount that you must spend to claim the free shipping option. People tend to meet that amount by spending more as the term ‘free’ sticks to their mind. So, even though it’s not necessary, they start looking for something else to fulfill the minimum amount. Smart shoppers avoid such things.


#3 Use coupons

Online shopping gives you the opportunity to use lots of coupons. Use these coupons or promo codes to get the best deals. There are many sites which offer coupons for your favorite brands. Many stores directly email promotions to its customers. There are stores which post discount codes on social networks.

Use these tips when you shop online. Be an informed buyer and keep yourself away from fraudsters.

5 Websites to get coupons for online shopping


Shopping online can be fun! With so many options you can go crazy. There are great deals everyday on many stores. But how will you know whether a special offer is going on in a store? Coupons have become an integral part of online shopping. There are many websites which provide coupons for any kind of product.

#1 RetailMeNot


It is a marketplace that connects retailers with lots of active shoppers. This improves sales. This site offers more than 600,000 coupons for 70,000 retailers across the world.



Here, you can get printable coupons, grocery Coupons, restaurant coupons, coupon codes, etc. You can get updated information about any special deals from here. Also you can find a coupon to buy the sewing machine in Ebay.

#3 GroupOn


This is a platform for customers who are looking forward for some great value and merchants who are trying to find solutions to attract new customers. This site connects the customers with the merchants. It provides great value for the customers. Here, you can get thousands of coupons for your favorite brands.

#4 CouponShop


Here you can get the latest online codes, freebies, in-store deals and coupons. Get coupons for your favorite store today!



You can lower your supermarket bills by getting coupons from here. Simply download and print out coupons of your choice or give the coupon number in case of online shopping.

These websites are very helpful in telling you about the best deals of the day so that you don’t end up paying more for your product or service. There are coupons available which you can redeem and get discounts. Coupons are given out for special occasions. So, always look for things like ‘Valentine’s Day Coupon’ or ‘Christmas Coupon’. These coupons can save you a lot of money. Be a smart shopper and start collecting coupons from these websites for your next online shopping.

Finding if you are a victim of online shopping scam


With the popularity of the online shopping, the number of scams and fraudulent activities are also growing. Some complaints that many people make are that buyers are not receiving goods, sellers are not getting payment, buyers receiving product of a lower quality, etc.

These scam activities are done anonymously. So, if you find out that you are a victim of shopping or auction fraud, there is no way that you can return the products and get your money refunded. The most dangerous consequences of this type of activities is that your identity will be stolen and the fraudsters may use it to access your finances. Here’s how to tell whether you are a victim of online shopping scam.

  • You’ve bought products online, but they are not arriving on time or not arriving at all.
  • The product you received from the online seller doesn’t match the description of the product given online.
  • You find a bill in your bank statement regarding a product that you never bought. This indicates that someone has stolen your identity and has accessed your financial information.
  • You don’t receive payment for the product you sold to the customer.

If you find yourself in one of the above situations, then you know that you are a victim of online shopping scam. If such case happens then you can report to bodies like ‘Action Fraud’ who deal with the scam issues over the Internet. You should keep all the evidences of the products being bought or sold.

You can contact the store’s website if there is any issue related to transaction. One way to avoid this type of scams is by avoiding to purchase from sellers who have very little or no history of selling. You should pay through only secured money transfer systems like PayPal. You shouldn’t send out any personal information to the seller. You should read all the terms and conditions carefully before buying a product or service online. It is better to use a large online shops (eg Amazon) or affelirovannyh agents.